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How Marketing Merch Store Came to Be

Brie E Anderson got her start in digital marketing by making websites for local bands. Growing up, Brie spent a lot of time going to rock shows with her friends. So when MySpace died at the same time she learned to code... It just made sense.

After college Brie started working at an agency and started to miss the community she had experienced in the music scene. When you're at a show, you know that people have your back and they'll pick you up if you fall. She needed that community back.

Luckily, the digital marketing community is AMAZING and she quickly found her home there. There was just one thing missing - the cool merch! If we see one more "SEO is my superpower" curly font tee shirt, we are going to LOSE OUR MINDS!!! Enter Marketing Merch Store.

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The Marketing Merch Store cares about three main values:


At the core of everything, MMs wants to build a community of marketers who cheer each other on and pick each other up. 


We only want to share quality products with our community. All products are double-checked by a teammate before shipping and returns are accepted for up to 30 days.


MMs cares about our world, we only get one after all! We focus very heavily to on our packaging and shipping habits to ensure we aren't contributing to landfills and that we keep our carbon footprint low.



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